Saxophone lessons with Lynden Blades

Saxophone lessons with Lynden Blades

I teach alto and tenor sax to beginners and intermediate players of all levels. I have more than 18 years experience and I am a full time saxophonist playing up to 6 gigs a week, every week. I specialise in teaching beginners and you don¹t even need to own a sax as I can supply one for the first few lessons. I always make lessons fun and enjoyable. Daytime or evening appointments are fine and I can come to you if you prefer. I have well over 20 years practical experience playing at clubs and venues all over the world The reason that so many people tell me that I am a good teacher is because I make it fun to learn. So many teachers out there forget what it is like to be a beginner and overwhelm people with complicated jargon and difficult music therory. I understand that what people want to do, in most cases is actually be able to play some cool tunes on the sax and that is how I introduce my student to the instrument. Once you can play some fun tunes, you have developed the passion and motivation to take on board some exercises that will make sound even cooler. Dont mis-understand, if you want to be playing at Ronnie Scotts in the next year or two and you are a beginner, then the reality is you will have to put in hour after hour of practice every day. However if, like most of us, you just want to have some fun and take your time to learn in a comfortable way, then making the subject enjoyable is the key. (I have played at Ronnies, by the way!) No experience is required to learn with me. Thanks for looking.

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