How to make a listing

How to Make a Listing: Instructions and Tips

Before listing, decide if there are any keywords that will help students find you, e.g. if they are looking for improvisation, theory, classical, jazz,  or are a beginner, then these are keywords that they might use in a directory search as well as location, so it's important to list these in the appropriate field ( Keywords,Level, Genre etc. for) if you want a better chance of being found. As well as the boxes for keywords, use them in your text in the short and long descriptions, but keep the text natural rather than contrived just to stuff the keywords in.

It's a good idea to have an image ready to upload as your logo, people like to see a face.

Also print out this page so you can refer to it will filling in the listing form. Good listings mean more students.

Important! Two ways to be found.

People will either find you by searching Google for your location and/or specialities or else they will find the directory and then find you. There are different ways to optimise your listing for each kind of search.

Keywords in the short description plus keyword, genre, level, instrument boxes are useful for searches on the directory.

Keywords within the full description text are useful for Google searches.

Help with Listing:

Teachers who do both Local and Skype Lessons:

You can either choose a platinum membership (recommended) which allows two categories (Local and Skype) or any other membership and click the  'online' checkbox to also be found in searches for online.

Choose a Category (Primary Classification). You will be able to choose a second category if appropriate in the next stage.

Continue to Listing

Title: e.g. your name, location, and/or type of lesson or however you want the title of your listing.

Friendly URL: This will be the URL of the page. You can delete insignificant words such as "in" or "the", leaving just words that are useful in search engines, usually a couple of location words are good. There must be no gaps between words which should all be lower case and separated by hyphens. If in doubt you can leave as is. (See below for Search Engine Optimsiation (SEO) tips.

Categories: This is for additional categories - not necessary unless you give both local and skype lessons.

Short Description: A summary of what you do. This is the preview text which is seen in the directory list, before clicking to see the full listing.

Description: This is what appears in the listing page.  More detail, e.g. what you do (e.g. all saxophones, intermediate, advanced, doubles etc.). Qualifications, education, professional work, do you teach from home and/or travel. The more the better. Sell yourself.

Keywords/Genres/Instruments: Any words that are useful for the directory search not already included in  or the short description. No need to include saxophone/lessons/teacher. Stick to more specific words that willhelp people find your specialities.

Meta Title: This is the title of the listing webpage at the top of the browser. Include a few useful keywords, e.g. "Lessons in Manchester - Beginners to Advanced". It might be the same or different to your listing title.

Meta Title/Description: Only seen by search engines. A couple of sentences which include useful keywords and your name top make it unique. This bit may be picked up and shown in a the Google results.

Location: After the country and state/county dropdown selections, you can optionally add your town/city (or nearest town), In Address Line 1 and 2 optionally add street, borough, suburb,village etc. These appear in the listing and are found in search.

Under Additional Locality you can include one or more local place names that do not appear in the listing but may help when people are using the location search. This can be very useful. e.g North London, Manchester West, or any village, borough, suburb not mentioned in the other address or location fields. Optionally add 'online' for skype lessons to also be found in a location serach.

Zip/postcodes are also very useful. For UK and Canada just the first half is probably best.

Map Coordinates: (Local listings) These can be set by browsing the map for your location. If not enntered they will be generated auotomatically from your postcode or town name. The map shows on your listing.

Email: This will not be displayed publically, but is needed for you to receive messages from prospective sudents/customers.

Youtube Embed: (platinum only) Do not paste the entire page, just the Youtube ID number (e.g. 9dXapC5umPM)

Logo: Upload a picture of yourself. These are very useful. Whatever you look like, people like to see a picture!

Any Questions? please do not hesitate to contact us.

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